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Our Story

Franklin & Blues was born out of a passion for creating and a love for dogs. When the pandemic shut down the world, our founder turned to coffee to escape the madness. With his dogs Franklin and Blue by his side, he began chasing the perfect cup of coffee. Whether it was espresso, pour-over, or roasting coffee, this caffeinated gold always kept spirits high and our world moving forward. Coffee is an art, and just like any artists, home baristas need tools that make their art come alive. This is where Franklin and Blues was born.

We create affordable tools home baristas need to achieve the golden cup. But we didn’t stop there; we create products for home chefs, aspiring pizza masters, and anyone using a hobby as an escape. Our products are designed, tested, and made in the USA by a small team of dreamers. We seek to create high-quality, affordable products to let everyone master their craft without breaking the bank.

Blue was our first rescue dog, and when she crossed the rainbow bridge in late 2022, we wanted to immortalize her name, and she became the face of our brand. Franklin is our bulldog mix who protects the shop from invaders, mainly squirrels, and the mailwoman – in between naps, of course.

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